Thursday, 25 November 2010

Strange days...

I often think about the impact and the meaning which my life will ultimately have on the people around me, and the world I live in.

I guess when it comes down to it, we all wish to be remembered by those we care for, but I'm thinking of long term rememberance. What does one do to ensure a life worth remembering and worth talking about for the years to come? Do we simply choose the Che Guevarra path? the Adolf Hitler path? Gandhi? Dalai Lama?

I'm thinking beyond that tonight. How is it that we come to remember the Gods of old? Thor? Odin? Zeus? Poseidon?

I understand that they're mainly stories that have been told through the ages. Whether they may be of Greek origin or of Norse origin, we still know the names, and we still hear about the tales.

A thousand years from now, will anybody be talking the same way about Che? Hitler? it's interesting to think about this. If we think of the world as a one dimensional, astral plane where nothing extraordinary or 'magical' for lack of a better word can ever exist, then what's to say that if the Gods of old DID infact exist, who's to say that they weren't simply ordinary human beings who are only remembered by their huge accomplishments?

I find this fascinating to think about. The same applies to Jesus Christ. I struggle to understand why people believe his story so passionately and so strongly, yet, they dismiss the Gods of old as simply 'bed time stories'.

I understand that some people need to believe in something to be able to cope with their everyday lives. Some people are afraid that they may infact be alone in this world. What if there is no God? no purpose? no destiny? It shouldn't matter because life should be exactly what you make of it.

What if we're just supposed to exist and make the best of our lives? Too much time is wasted by preaching religion to those who don't need or want it. I find it strange that so much conflict and confusion is caused by those who believe their God is superior to others'. I wonder what the world would be like without religion. Would it be a better place? or would something equally as controversial exist in it's place?

Anyways, religion rant over. Just getting the thoughts down.

I've made a start on all the work which I should be getting on with. It's keeping me busy. Keeping my mind off of certain things. I'm on a path to improve my life, to change my world and prove that I have what it takes to reach my goals.

Dealing with a lost relationship isn't easy. I still find myself drifting to those darker areas and I know I shouldn't. My mood keeps drastically changing from up to down and there's very little I can do about it.

I don't feel like writing anything more down. I don't really feel like myself right now.

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